Progress on Our Strategy

This year has seen many highlights as BG&E progress in our journey to be a sustainable and resilient international company that creates extraordinary built environments recognised for our culture and people, our premium client service, and our engineering excellence.

Over the past year, we have continued to develop and improve our business support systems to assist our technical teams continued focus on delivering great engineering and achieving our client's objectives. Significant initiatives have included improved tools to assist with the planning, reporting, and monitoring of projects across the business to improve risk management, efficiency, and consistency in delivery.

Across both BG&E and BG&E Resources, we have continued on a journey of diversifying our business service offering through entry into new sectors (such as Defence and Renewable Energy) and through offering new core capabilities to service our Client's needs. This has included formally establishing a Sustainability group with a focus on the integration of sustainability across our technical project work and to support our goal of helping clients to reduce the embodied, operational, and whole-life carbon in their projects.

As the world economy continues to change with the challenges of post-pandemic inflation, rising interest rates, and economic volatility, BG&E continues to fulfill our duty to society and advance our ESG performance by striving to deliver projects that contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.    

Looking ahead we are well placed moving into the new financial year with a strong pipeline of projects and opportunities as we progress towards our 2025 strategy. We would like to thank the whole BG&E team for contributing to a successful year and contributing towards achieving our 2025 Strategic Plan.