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London has long been a powerhouse in terms of economic activity - with a diverse range of industries and a global reputation as a financial hub. However, the recent political and post-pandemic impacts of late 2022 have continued to have lingering effects on the GDP in 2023.

The government continues to implement fiscal stimulus measures to support businesses and individuals, which appears to be restoring consumer and business confidence. Converse to projections, GDP has stabilised and been positive in the recent quarter, due to ongoing investment into large infrastructure projects (HS2), education, healthcare, defence, and social welfare. Nevertheless, Brexit continues to shape the economic landscape and the full implications of these factors on the UK economy are still evolving.

BG&E UK’s focus in 2023 has been sustainable growth, fostering a culture of collaboration, encouraging creativity, and empowering employees to drive, own and be part of growing BG&E’s identity and presence in the London market. Discipline teams have been built and strengthened in 2023, as we welcomed two key senior staff and discipline leads to the London team: Xavier Martinez (Civil Lead UK) and Maurizio Desiderati (Construction Engineering Lead UK).

Looking ahead to 2024, we anticipate a positive year of growth and investment in the UK. Our focus will be on strengthening our leadership team in London with the appointment of our Regional Lead, continuing our customer-centric approach, fostering innovation and sustainability initiatives, continuing to invest and build our robust and talented team, and demonstrating adaptability in the face of a constantly evolving and somewhat uncertain economic landscape.

The future is promising, and we continue to work on exciting projects throughout the UK and Europe:  

  • HS2 | SCS , Sections S1 & S2 , Asset Protection Framework – working in JV with OTB Engineering, BG&E Bridges services include the provision of structural assessments, mitigation scheme design to HS2/NR/TfL standards, and monitoring plans for over 20 bridges across London, Manchester, and Birmingham. BG&E is proud to have been part of a successful JV working to greatly reduce or eliminate project risks and provide opportunities for overall project savings.  
  • Central London Adaptive Reuse Project – BG&E is working with a new Client in the UK on the refurbishment of a landmark Tower, located on the Thames overlooking Parliament, in Central London. The building is being redeveloped to have office accommodation on the lower floors and is repurposing previously occupied commercial space to create 34 residential apartments, a range of residential facilities, car parking, and communal amenity space. The client and project have strong environmental and sustainability themes with the intent to maximise the reuse of existing structure and building fabric. BG&E is providing structural, façade, and materials consultancy for the proposed refurbishment. The project is currently at RIBA Stage 2, with innovative and aspirational design options currently being investigated.
  • Tees Transporter Bridge – working with Atkins on one of their asset protection projects, BG&E is undertaking structural assessment Cat 3 checks. This project will draw experience from BG&E’s technical experts including John Stella (Technical Director from BG&E’s Melbourne Construction Engineering Team).
  • 5 Strand - following Whitbread's acquisition of a central London site in late 2022, a project has evolved to develop the precinct for the Premier Inn hotel. This ambitious endeavour represents a significant investment by Whitbread, with the ultimate goal of bringing affordable accommodation options to the heart of West End London, creating lasting benefits for the community and the central London economy. The project is currently at RIBA stage 4, BG&E has been requested to provide a façade consultancy CMT role for the development, reviewing, and monitoring of the specialist contractor's design, manufacturing, and installation.
  • The Bermondsey Project – in the coming years, Greystar will deliver over 1,500 much-needed new homes for rent in Bermondsey, including affordable housing and homes for families. Working with Greystar, BG&E has been engaged to provide a façade access and maintenance consultancy role for the development. For Stage 2 we will provide a single site-wide report capturing all nine blocks. The project is currently going through a thorough public consultation stage, as the project team prepares to start early groundworks for construction.
  • The team's Data Centre experience continues to be in demand with a number of DC projects developing in the UK and Europe.