Non-Executive Chairperson’s Message

It has been a year of substantial progress as we transform BG&E into a sustainable and resilient international company. The resilience of BG&E has proved to be important as we supported our clients and the community through another turbulent economic period – with a surge in inflation, rising interest rates, continued disruption of supply chains, labour shortages in many countries, and the war in Ukraine which has contributed to volatile and elevated commodity and energy prices.

The Board and I are incredibly impressed by the dedication of all our employees as we continue to grow in new markets and emerging disciplines, through our journey to create extraordinary built environments.

Financial Performance

Once again, BG&E has performed well in delivering an improved profit performance on an increased revenue base. The benefits of a diverse business were at the forefront as most geographies performed above budget, offsetting the few who faced localised challenges.

Emerging Businesses

In the past year, the Emerging Group has successfully provided their expertise in delivering our major projects in areas where traditionally BG&E would have had Joint Venture Partners deliver the works or engage a subconsultant to deliver on our behalf.

The Emerging Group consists of Defence, Digital Engineering, Traffic & Transport Planning, Water (Flooding and Infrastructure), Timber, and Geotechnical which are gaining traction in the market. The Rail and Construction Engineering teams are going from strength-to strength. Additional services will be added in Sustainability and Energy to further enhance BG&E’s offerings.

Corporate Structure

BG&E is continuing to simplify its corporate structure and improve its governance and compliance. The first phase of the simplification commenced when BG&E Group Limited became the ultimate holding company of the group. We have recently completed the second stage where several subsidiaries were also reviewed to improve their governance and alignment within the group.


BG&E Resources Pty Ltd continued to expand and diversify their presence across the Resources and Industrial sector, delivering a number of significant projects for a range of key industry participants. A strong outlook for the sector presents a continued opportunity to further expand our market presence.


BG&E recognises the journey of reconciliation is not limited to a handful of days or weeks during the year, but rather to an ongoing appreciation of Australia’s Indigenous heritage and a commitment to incremental change every day. Since launching BG&E’s ‘Reflect’ Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in 2019, BG&E has been delighted to provide opportunities to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians. Our focus is directed towards education and employment pathways, as well as to procurement practices, as these sustain economic development in First Nation communities.

Looking Forward

We remain committed to the continuous improvement of BG&E’s financial performance and delivering value to our people, clients, and shareholders. On behalf of the BG&E Board, thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to transform and grow BG&E.